Who Are These New Yorker Cartoonists?

Cartoon Sleuths! Who Are These New Yorker Cartoonists?

The Spill has been around over a decade, and in that time I’ve spent many happy hours searching for information about the large number of New Yorker cartoonists who have zero biographical content on this site’s A-Z.  In an effort to fill in some of the empty biographies, I’m reaching out to the cartoon detectives out there who might know something/anything about the cartoonists listed below. You’ll see I’ve listed them in alphabetical order, but only up to the C’s. I don’t want to overwhelm by listing every single unknown cartoonist — we’ll get to them another week.

All of the cartoonists below belong to the Spill‘s One Club (identified by the red top-hatted fellow). That means they were only published once in the magazine. You’ll notice as well that most of them were published early in the magazine’s history. Those two factors (and sometimes only an initial for a first name) are obviously what makes searching difficult. It may be we’ll never know anything about these cartoonists, other than their one drawing in The New Yorker  — but wouldn’t it be great to know at least a little more. I should add that all of these names came out of the now ancient database that accompanied The Complete New Yorker.  It may be there are inaccuracies, which, of course, makes things even more interesting.


Stephen Nadler of Attempted Bloggery has located info on Oscar Cesare. David Pomerantz has located info on Lou Byrnes. My thanks to them!  I’m removing Mr. Cesare’s name and Mr. Byrnes’ name from the list below and added some of the incoming info about them to the A-Z along with a link to fuller biographies.

Bob Barnes New Yorker work: 1 drawing: March 6, 1948

H. Barnes New Yorker work: 1 drawing: February 2, 1929

A. Bloomberg New Yorker work: 1 drawing,  September 20, 1930

Herb Breneman New Yorker work: one drawing, June 22, 1929

Jerry Capa NYer work: one drawing, April 26, 1976

D. T. Carlisle NYer work: one drawing, July 23, 1938

H.H. Caviedes New Yorker work: one drawing, May 28, 1938

P. Chapman New Yorker work: one drawing, April 10, 1926

H. M. Charleton New Yorker work: December 21, 1929

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