Weekend Spill: Finck’s Wordless Ways; The Tilley Watch Online, September 21-25, 2020; Arno’s Back(s)

Finck’s Wordless Ways

From the last page (Sketchbook) of The New York Times Book Review, September 27, 2020 “A Wordless Way To Write A Novel” by Liana Finck, who began contributing to The New Yorker in 2013.

Visit her website here.


The Tilley Watch Online, September 21 – 25, 2020

An end of week listing of the magazine’s artists who contributed to newyorker.com features

The Daily Cartoon: J.A.K., Brooke Bourgeois, Brendan Loper, Peter Steiner, Navied Mahdavian

Daily Shouts: Eugenia Viti (with Sara K. Runnels)

Barry Blitt’s Kvetchbook: “Trump’s Mandated Additions To The Classical Canon”


Arno’s Back(s)

Glancing at a stack of New Yorker ephemera here at Spill headquarters I noticed this oddity (shown before on this site about four years ago). Arno’s Yale connection is well documented (he went there for one year, from the Fall of 1922- thru the Spring of 1923, when his father pulled the plug on paying his tuition. Then it was goodbye New Haven, hello Manhattan).

But this isn’t a post about Arno & Yale, it’s about the image we see here.  It occurred to me this morning how often Arno returned to the image of a woman’s bare upper back, featuring it prominently in at least four of his New Yorker covers and who knows how many of his drawings.

I realize this is very very small stuff in a world full of bigger small stuff, but what the heck. Here are the covers, in chronological order: March 3, 1928; Nov. 16, 1929; Dec. 19, 1931; Jan. 6, 1940. And then there’s the rarity of male bare backs, on the cover of August 17, 1929.



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