Weekend Spill: Latest ToonStack: “Left It In The Drafts”; The Tilley Watch Online, May 3 -7, 2021

Latest ToonStack: “Left It In The Drafts”

A number of cartoonists, most of them published in The New Yorker, show us drawings that “never got sold.”

Among the cartoonists sharing their work: Jason Chatfield, Amy Kurzweil, J.A.K., Hilary Campbell, Johnny DiNapoli, and Ellis Rosen.

Check out the end of the post for links to interesting cartoonist sites.


The Tilley Watch Online, May 3-7, 2021

An end of week listing of New Yorker artists contributing to newyorker.com features

The Daily Cartoon: Eugenia Viti, J.A.K., Kate Curtis, Sarah Akinterinwa, Paul Karasik

Daily Shouts: Madeline Horwath (with Meghana Indurti)

…and Blitt’s Kvetchbook: “The Many Faces Of Mitch McConnell”

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