Weekend Spill: The Tilley Watch Online, August 3 -7, 2020; The New American Bystander Is Out; Dernavich’s Kids Book

An end of week listing of New Yorker artists (both print and those exclusive to newyorker.com) contributing to online features

The Daily Cartoon: Yasin Osman*, J.A.K., Adam Douglas Thompson, Millie von Platen*, Brendan Loper.

Daily Shouts: Eugenia Viti (& Ginny Hogan)


Barry Blitt’s Kvetchbook: “Trump Jumps The Shark”

From The Culture Desk, Andy Friedman’s “The Return of Kathleen Edwards” **

See all of the above, and more here.

*Cartoonists whose work is exclusive to newyorker.com features.

**Mr. Friedman ‘s illustrations in the magazine appear under his own name, but in the past a handful of his cartoons have appeared under the name Larry Hat.



The American Bystander #15 (i.e., the newest issue) is out.  As always, there are a number of New Yorker artists contributing: Lars Kenseth, Sam Gross, Harry Bliss (who provided the cover)Tracey Berglund, Barry Blitt, George Booth, Joe Dottino, Ivan Ehlers, Peter Kuper, and Arnold Roth.

Info here.



Dernavich’s Kids Book

Out just a few ago, this title from Drew Dernavich, who began contributing to The New Yorker in 2002.

Publisher’s page here.



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