Weekend Spill: A New Yorker Rarity Listed On Ebay; New ToonStack…”Listen Up!”; Society Of Illustrators (Virtual) Event Of Interest: Uncensored! –John Cuneo & Joe Ciardiello; Mort Moves; The Tilley Watch Online, April 5-9, 2021

A New Yorker Rarity Listed On Ebay

I rarely mention the interesting New Yorker-centric things that turn up on Ebay, or other auction sites, but this particular book, What! No Pie Charts? deserves its moment in the Spill spotlight.

As you see in the title page below, the text is by Corey Ford, the fellow who named Eustace Tilley. The artwork throughout is by the great Julian de Miskey. Here’s his entry on the Spill‘s A-Z:

Julian de Miskey Born 1898, died 1976. New Yorker work: 1925 – 1962. 82 cartoons and 62 covers. His first published New Yorker piece was a cover for the issue of May 23, 1925. The following information from de Miskey’s bio on the Papillion Gallery site: born in Hungry, came to the United States in 1914. After attending the NYC’s Art Students League, he began contributing to various publications, eventually contributing to the New Yorker in its first year of publication.

The Ebay seller of What! No Pie Charts? tells us:

Rare: No copies found for sale, and only two copies recorded at WorldCat, New York Public Library (4.3.21) and San Francisco Public Library

Asking price: $600.00.

There were but a handful of wonderful books produced by The New Yorker‘s business department in the magazine’s earliest years. Here’s another (as shown in the Spill‘s “From The Attic” section):


We’ll Show You The Town

We'll Show You The Town

In 1934 The New Yorker produced this book to remind advertisers of the magazine’s ability to “reach 120,000 alert and active Metropolitans.”   The book stands 18 1/4? high and a foot and a quarter inch wide, with 52 pages of text and black-and-white photographs depicting New Yorkers (mostly) at play.



New ToonStack…”Listen Up!”

The latest Toonstack has been posted. What is ToonStack, you might ask. According to the site, it’s “Cartoons every Sunday from a groovy group of pros trying to make something they own.”

This week’s contributors include these New Yorker cartoonists: Johnny DiNapoli, Sofia Warren, Navied Mahdavian, Amy Kurzweil, Hilary Campbell, J.A.K., Zoe Si, Ellis Rosen, and Evan Lian.


Society Of Illustrators (Virtual) Event Of Interest: John Cuneo & Joe Ciardiello

This coming Wednesday, at 2-3:30, from The Society Of Illustrators,  Live Drawing — Uncensored! John Cuneo With Joe Ciardiello” 

Go to the above link for bios and details of the event. Registration is required. There are sure to be graphic hijinks when these two artists get together.  Be there.


Mort Moves

Mort Gerberg (seen in this 2017 photo sandwiched  between Sam Gross on the left, and Edward Koren on the right), a long-time New Yorker contributor and life-long New Yorker, has bid adieu to the isle of Manhattan. We received this from Mr. Gerberg yesterday, who asked us to share it on the Spill:

Mort Gerberg and his wife, Judith, have decided to remain in Lakewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, near the home of their daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and grandson, for the foreseeable future. Like many others, they had left New York City last June, intending to visit for about three months, until the pandemic ended.

However, now acknowledging that end is still not in view, they will, reluctantly, put their Manhattan apartment up for sale, become official Colorado residents and reconfigure. Mort’s eyesight is now handicapped as a result of a fall he sustained in NYC in May, 2018.

Mort is a native New Yorker whose 50-plus-year multi-genre career was celebrated by The New York Historical Society in a major 2019 retrospective, “Mort Gerberg Cartoons, A New Yorker’s Perspective.”

For more on Mr. Gerberg, visit his website here.

And here’s his Spill A-Z entry:

Mort Gerberg Born, March 11, 1931, New York, NY. New Yorker work: April 10, 1965 – . Co-edited, with Ron Wolin & Ed Fisher, The Art in Cartooning: Seventy-five Years of American Magazine Cartoons ( Charles Scribner & Son, 1975). Essential reading… Mort Gerberg On The Scene: A 50-Year Cartoon Chronicle (Fantagraphics, 2019).

The Spill wishes Mr. Gerberg, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday, much happiness in his new life way out west. 


The Tilley Watch Online, The Week Of April 5-9, 2021

An end of week listing of New Yorker artists contributing to newyorker.com features

The Daily Cartoon: Ron Hauge (a newyorker.com contributor), J.A.K., David Sipress, Brooke Bourgeois, Maggie Larson.

Barry Blitt’s Kvetchbook: “Pokey Joe Hits Fifth Avenue”

You can see all of the above, and more, here


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  1. A great loss to New York City.
    I was lucky to spend the afternoon with him on his final day submitting to Emma while they were still doing in-person meetings.
    Hopefully we get a visit some day.

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