Wednesday Spill:

Catching Up On The Daily Cartoons


Stuff occasionally happens here that’s outside the ever-present world of New Yorker cartoons and cartoonists. This week I’ve been pre-occupied with Monday’s arrival at Spill headquarters of a dumpster. Right now it’s sitting out on the street within eyesight of where I work, almost begging me to continue filling it up. No worries: not a single New Yorker item of interest has been, or will be tossed!   

Monday’s Daily Cartoonist: Ellie Black, who began contributing to The New Yorker in February of 2019, on the day tomatoes taste good.

Tuesday’s: Sarah Kempa, who is an online contributor, on what to wear, or not, on top

Wednesday’s: Suerynn Lee, who began contributing to The New Yorker in March of 2019, on who’s  vaccinated & masking, and who’s not. 

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