Wednesday Spill: TV Jibes Via Attempted Bloggery; Today’s Daily Cartoonist: Ellis Rosen; More Spills…NCS Single Panel Cartoon Nominees; A Rare Ed Fisher Cartoon Collection

TV Jibes Via Attempted Bloggery

What — you never heard of TV Jibes? Me neither…until yesterday when I saw the entire issue posted on Attempted Bloggery (with scans via Tom Bloom).  A special insert included with TV Guide, it featured a dose of non- New Yorker cartoonists (some a mystery, ID-wise), and a bunch of New Yorker cartoonists including, among others,  J.B. “Bud” Handelsman, Henry Martin, Peter Porges, Joe Farris, Claude Smith, and C.E.M. (Charles E. Martin). Go here to see all the work and to read all about it.

Cover: Johnny Carson by Ronald Searle.


Today’s Daily Cartoonist: Ellis Rosen

Ellis Rosen on a pigeon and fair weather runners. Mr. Rosen began contributing to The New Yorker in 2016.

Visit his website here.



Word has reached us that the NCS (otherwise known as the National Cartoonists Society) has nominated three fine New Yorker folks in this year’s single panel category: Robert Leighton, Kendra Allenby, and Ellis Rosen…best of luck to all!

Mr. Leighton began contributing to The New Yorker in 2002, Ms. Allenby, and Mr. Rosen in 2016.

News to Me: Just discovered a very early Ed Fisher cartoon collection, Through The Lurking Glass, published in a limited edition of 380, in 1948. Mr. Fisher had a long (49 year) run at The New Yorker…his A-Z entry follows:

Ed Fisher ( Pictured above, mid 1980s. Photograph by Liza Donnelly) Born, Bronx, New York, October 24,1926. Died, 2013. New Yorker work: 1951 – 2000. Key collections: Through The Lurking Glass (1948, numbered limited edition of 380); Ed Fisher’s First Folio (Macmillan, 1959); Ed Fisher’s Domesday Book ( St. Martin’s, 1961)

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