Wednesday Spill: The First New Yorker Album…And Then There Were Three

One of the most recent additions to the Spill archives is a dust-jacketed copy of the very first collection of New Yorker cartoons (or drawings, if you’re feeling traditional): The New Yorker Album, published by Doubleday Doran in 1928. This is the third dust-jacketed copy to be added to the collection (I believe there’s another copy around here sans dust jacket). This recent find (shown far right in the photo above) was bought for a song (less the price of a couple of Double-Whoppers). What I find attractive about this first volume is the simplicity of presentation: Rea Irvin’s Tilley, and the title, and nothing else (sort of reminds me of the Beatles so-called White Album cover). What I find extra attractive about this new copy is its rag-taggedness. The dust jacket is falling to pieces; tiny bits of paper fall off whenever I hold the book in my hands (so I’m trying not to handle it from here on out). It shows its age, obviously having been through a lot in  93 years. Lined up with the other two volumes you notice how faded its become over time. Tilley’s brown coat has turned to some other variation of brown. Would I buy another copy, I might ask myself. Yes, of course.

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