Wednesday Spill: National Cartoonists Day (3 Interviews); Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon


In search of the history of National Cartoonists Day, I found the below snippet from a site named HappyDays365:

“The National Cartoonists Day has been in celebration since the year 1999. National Cartoonist Society has launched this celebration. The Cartoonists Day is a form of dedication for all the cartoonists and those favourite cartoons what they have created for the paper. The date is precisely chosen as it was on May 5th of 1895, Hogan’s Alley, the first colour newspaper cartoon had been published. The first comic was later known as The Yellow Kid, and it was the first commercially successful cartoon icon that has gained popularity.”

To join in the celebration, here are three interviews of New Yorker cartoonists (all conducted by the same interviewer, Rishabh Chaddha. All were published on Medium).

A 2021 interview with Hilary Campbell. Ms. Campbell began contributing to The New Yorker in 2017.

A 2020 interview with Bob Eckstein. Mr. Eckstein began contributing to The New Yorker in 2007.

A 2020 interview with Jason Chatfield. Mr. Chatfield began contributing to The New Yorker in 2017.



Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon

Scheduling, from Kate Curtis, who began contributing to The New Yorker in 2016.




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