Visiting the Arthur Getz Exhibit

Yesterday’s opening for The Arthur Getz exhibit at the Moviehouse in Millerton, New York (just seconds from the Connecticut state line) was a lot of fun.  Thirty original Getz New Yorker covers are on the walls.  The first pieces greet you in the theater’s lobby, within sight of the popcorn machine (I liked this touch). The rest of the work is found in several exhibit spaces up the stairs on the second floor.  Mr. Getz worked large (his daughter told me he began working smaller later in his career — a few of those later pieces are shown).  

I found myself leaning close-in to each and every piece. The colors are as brilliant as the day they were applied. Mr. Getz’s subject matter ranged from city to country (it was suggested in reading material that Getz’s interests followed his own migration from city living to country living).  Whether city or country, the energy of the work is tremendous, and, of course, beautiful.

If you’re in the vicinity of Millerton, go see this show.

Link here to the Arthur Getz website,




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