Video: Edward Koren; New “One Club” Members: Jim Kelly, T.E. Kennedy, Ted Key, David L. Kingman, and Clayton Knight



A tip of the hat to Mike Lynch for posting this video of Edward Koren as part of a series, “Stuck in Vermont.”  In this nearly five and-a-half minute video we see Mr. Koren draw, talk about his work (including an explanation for his characters’ noses),  his influences, the business, and The New Yorker, where his work has appeared since 1962.


One Club icon

There are five more members in Ink Spill’s “One Club” — a cadre of cartoonists who contributed just one drawing to The New Yorker during their careers.  These five have been added to “The New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z” section of this site. As with almost all the new members added this week, I’ve yet to get around to researching their biographies. There is, however, one very familiar name in today’s group: Ted Key.  With today’s additions the One Club membership is now at 85, or thereabouts.

Today’s new members: Jim Kelly, T.E.Kennedy, Ted Key, David L.Kingman,and Clayton Knight




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