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My First Cartoonists Zoom

A personal first yesterday evening: a Zoom call (conference? gathering? get-together?) with some fellow cartoonists, all of them not seen (by me) in person for quite some time. My wife (who seems to Zoom daily) set up my laptop to function properly (it had never Zoomed before either) and then she moved aside so I could sit in front of the screen. I’m so used to seeing, and not being seen, it was a bit startling to see friendly faces looking back at me, each and every one cheery and welcoming. The cartoonists (whose identities I’ll keep under my hat so they might be inclined to invite me back) were beaming from various ports: Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York.

In a normal year, there might be one New Yorker event this time of year; it’s always a blast seeing folks, and visiting the magazine’s headquarters. But of course, there won’t be one this year (there is a magazine-wide virtual event this evening marking the holidays). Last night’s get-together was in its way, an excellent concentrated version. Topics were 100% cartoon, cartoonist, New Yorkery-related: types of drawing paper, washes, electronic drawing materials, cartoons past and present, fellow cartoonists past and present (I wasn’t timing the subjects, but I believe Charles Addams‘s work received more time than any other cartoonist); specific cartoons (some already published, some in rough form, some finished and about to go on their way into the world) were shown, examined, discussed — sometimes dissected. All of this is actually what might go on in a cartoonist lunch (in-person gatherings held pre-pandemic) following The New Yorker‘s Tuesday look day. And so here we were, in our homes, without the customary extra ingredient of restaurant clatter, and surrounding table chitter-chatter.  And you know, it worked. It worked really well.   __________________________________________________________

Daily Cartoonists And Cartoons

Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon: Yasin Osman, on just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse

and Yesterday’s: Ellis Rosen on the Ghost of Christmas


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  1. I agree, Michael, last night’s event was great. Seeing you and the others again was a treat! Hope we can do it again, sometime, maybe with some womenfolk included? I think I know who might be first on that list for you!

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