Tuesday Spill: New Yorker Cover Artist & Cartoonist Cuneo’s New Book

Cover Artist & Cartoonist Cuneo’s New Book

From Fantagraphics, May 1st, Coping Skills: Helpful Drawings, by the fab New Yorker cover artist & cartoonist, John Cuneo.

Here’s some of what his publisher had to say about Mr. Cuneo’s work:

When John Cuneo isn’t gracing the cover of The New Yorker, being featured in Esquire, or winning every prodigious illustration award known to humankind, he fills a plastic container with drawings labeled “Loose Sketches.” He explains that those personal pieces — not likely to see publication in any prestigious magazine for many obvious reasons — are not categorized by anything else than “it simply means they are untethered.” And, boy, are they!

You can pre-order Coping Skills here on the Fantagraphic site.

Here’s one of several brief Q&As Mr. Cuneo had with The New Yorker‘s cover editor, Francoise Mouly.

Link here to Mr. Cuneo’s website.

His Spill A-Z entry:

John Cuneo Born January 4, 1957, New Jersey. New Yorker work: Mr. Cuneo is primarily a New Yorker cover artist. A collection of his work: Not Waving But Drawing: Dark Thoughts Lightly Rendered was published in 2017 by Fantagraphics. His first New Yorker cartoon was published May 27, 2019.



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