Thurber Thursday: An 89 Year Old Tissue Paper Promo For “The Seal In The Bedroom”

I would say “just when I thought I saw everything” but I’ve finally learned I’ll never see everything. Below is one of those old new things that just keep turning up. Steve Stoliar, author of Raised Eyebrows, a must-read book for Marx Brothers fans, sent me this scan the other day:

Mr. Stoliar came by the above fab tissue promo when he long-ago purchased a first edition of Thurber’s 1932 collection, The Seal In The Bedroom (Mr. Stoliar’s copy shown above). 

The tissue wasn’t attached to his copy, but here’s how the paper was originally attached to copies of the book (the screenshot taken off an online seller’s copy. The piece, as you can see, was originally quite long).

In his email to me, Mr. Stoliar asked himself (and me too I suppose):

“Why you would have an ad for the book you just bought on the last page?”

Good question. I’ve no answer. But I’m glad Harper & Brothers decided to provide us with this fragile promotional puzzlement.

— my thanks to Steve Stoliar for sharing this piece from his collection.





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