Thurber Thursday: A New Yorker State Of Mind on Thurber’s Dogs; Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon

Head on over to a fave Spill blog,  A New Yorker State Of Mind,  for “Thurber’s Dogs”

(it includes a shout-out to the Spill, for which I am very grateful).

And as long as we’re on the subject of Thurber’s dogs, don’t forget this wonderful compilation, published in 1955, Saturated, as you’d expect, with pup material, written and drawn. 

In Thurber’s Foreward, With Figures,  he writes, “I may have said a few things more than once in this book, and the reader is likely to come upon debatable assertions here and there and small pieces of prejudice or personal bias flapping in the air, but such things are bound to occur in a dog book of any kind…”

Thurber’s entry on the Spill‘s A-Z:

James Thurber Born, Columbus, Ohio, December 8, 1894. Died 1961, New York City. New Yorker work: 1927 -1961, with several pieces run posthumously. According to the New Yorker’s legendary editor, William Shawn, “In the early days, a small company of writers, artists, and editors — E.B. White, James Thurber, Peter Arno, and Katharine White among them — did more to make the magazine what it is than can be measured.”

Key cartoon collection: The Seal in the Bedroom and Other Predicaments (Harper & Bros., 1932). Key anthology (writings & drawings): The Thurber Carnival (Harper & Row, 1945). There have been a number of Thurber biographies. Burton Bernstein’s Thurber (Dodd, Mead, 1975) and Harrison Kinney’s James Thurber: His Life and Times (Henry Holt & Co., 1995) are essential. A short bio appears on the Thurber House website.


Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon

Kendra Allenby on weather & leaving the house.

Ms. Allenby began contributing to The New Yorker in 2016. Visit her website here.


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