Thurber Thursday: A Flashlight Drawing

Here’s a fave spread from Life Magazine, published March 14, 1960, included in a piece titled “An Old Hand At Humor With Two Hits On Hand: Thurber” …below you see Thurber using a flashlight to draw a dog. On either side of the photo is an assortment of some of Thurber’s favorite cartoons.

To the left is a later-period completed Thurber dog, so you can see where the flashlight dog was headed (so to speak).

Two quotes from the piece, with the first about his dog drawings, saying that when he began drawing them in the 1920s, they were a “form of nervous relaxation — I did them swiftly, almost absently, and threw them away. It was years before I learned to my astonishment they could be sold…”

And about his drawings of men: “…I draw the spirit of the man I am — and I’m a pussycat.”

(Photo of Thurber: Tibor Hirsch)

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