The Weekend Spill: Personal History…My Big Find; Today’s Daily Shouts Cartoonists; The Tilley Watch Online, The Week Of October 12-16, 2020


Personal History…My Big Find

At least twenty years ago, possibly thirty, I walked into a Moose Lodge “Antique” show in upstate New York (it was really more of an indoor yard sale than an antique show). Strolled through, and was heading out the door when I noticed a partially unfolded large poster leaning against a wall. I could see part of “The New Yorker” logo and knew within a moment of getting closer to the poster that it was George Price’s one-and-only New Yorker cover, published December 25, 1965.  Measuring 30″ wide x 42″ high, it was — and still is — the largest New Yorker related objet d’cartoon ever added to the archive. It has remained rolled up all these years as there isn’t a big enough wall here at Spill headquarters to hang it (without removing a lot of framed cartoons).*

I unrolled the poster this morning and placed it on the floor for the above photo, adding the issue of the magazine down at the bottom so you can see how large the poster is. Lee Lorenz, in a can you believe it moment, once told me that Price’s name was left off the Index (Of Artists) in The Complete Covers Of The New Yorker 1925-1989 (Knopf, 1990). You’ll see the list goes from Garrett Price to Abel Quezada, with no George Price in between. However, Price’s cover does get prominent placement as the lead-off cover for that year’s covers…so there’s that.

*My thanks to friend of the Spill, David Petruzelli for writing in with some additional info on the poster. It was part of a New Yorker Subway campaign in 1976 (possibly beyond). Other posters included a New Yorker cover by Andre Francois, and Steinberg (guess which cover).

Here’s George Price’s A-Z entry:

George Price  Born in Coytesville, New Jersey, June 9, 1901. Died January 12, 1995, Engelwood, New Jersey. New Yorker work: 1929 – 1991. Lee Lorenz, the New Yorker’s former Art/Cartoon editor, called Price one of the magazine’s great stylists (along with Peter Arno, Helen Hokinson, James Thurber, and William Steig. Of the many Price collections, here are two favorites: Browse At Your Own Risk (1977), and The World of George Price: A 55-Year Retrospective (1988)


Today’s Daily Shouts

A duo effort from Sharon Levy and Lars Kenseth:

“Other Otuses In Trump’s America”

Sharon Levy began contributing to The New Yorker in 2017; Lars Kenseth in 2016.


The Tilley Watch Online, October 12-16, 2020

A listing of New Yorker artists who contributed to features during the past week.

The Daily Cartoon: Anne Fizzard (making her debut), Christoph Niemann (a bonus Daily), David Sipress, Teresa Burns Parkhurst, Emily Bernstein, Brendan Loper.

Daily Shouts: Tom Toro, Ali Solomon (with Sarah Garfinkel, and Kerry Elson), Teresa Burns Parkhurst.

…and Barry Blitt’s Kvetchbook.

To see all of the above and more, link here.

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