The Weekend Spill: Early Richter; New Blitt; Attempted Bloggery On Thurber’s Riddle; Article Of Interest: “Artist Portfolio: Amy Kurzweil”; Article Of Interest: Forgotten Caricatures Of Covarrubias; Article Of Interest: Emily Flake On Kids & Rules; Video Of Interest: “Power Of Black Ink” Panel

Early Richter

I’ve always thought that the late Mischa Richter’s cartoon roots were heavily influenced by Peter Arno’s work (something he vehemently denied when I interviewed him in 1999).* This early Mischa Richter drawing currently on Ebay is interesting in that it seems to show a Steig influence.

The fellow staring at the wall thermometer is right out of William Steig’s cast of characters, circa 1930s. This drawing is undated, but we can see by the label on its reverse, it appeared in The American Magazine.

 Richter had a long and fruitful New Yorker career, having published 3 covers and  1,539 cartoons.


Mischa Richter’s Spill A-Z  entry:

Mischa Richter (photo above courtesy of Sarah Geraghty Herndon). Born, Kharkov, Russia, 1910. Died, March 23, 2001. New Yorker work: January 10, 1942 – January 20, 2003 ; Key books: This One’s On Me! (McGraw-Hill, 1945), The Cartoonist’s Muse, co-authored by Harald Bakken (Contemporary Books, 1992). )

*Oddly enough, just past midway in his career, Peter Arno did do at least one idea supplied by Mischa Richter. It appeared in The New Yorker, July 8, 1950.

New Blitt

Barry Blitt’s Kvetchbook, posted yesterday: “Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You”



Attempted Bloggery On Thurber’s Riddle

From Attempted Bloggery, November 22, 2020, “James Thurber: ‘The Cat and the Riddle’ Musical Program” —Attempted Bloggery‘s Stephen Nadler tells us about a rare (and pricey) program that’s turned up on Ebay. 



Article Of Interest: “Artist Portfolio: Amy Kurzweil”

Artist Portfolio: Amy Kurzweil

From The American Academy In Berlin,“Artist Portfolio: Amy Kurzeil” with text by The New Yorker‘s cartoon editor, Emma Allen.



Article Of Interest: Forgotten Caricatures Of Covarrubias

51S2BCDGM+L._From Artlark, November 22, 2020, “The Forgotten Caricatures Of Miguel Covarrubias”

Mr. Covarrubias contributed seven cartoons to The New Yorker from February 28, 1925 (the magazine’s second issue) through June 13, 1925.

Below: one of his New Yorker drawings, titled (not captioned), All Dressed Up. It appeared in the issue April 4, 1925:


Article Of Interest: Emily Flake On Kids & Rules

From The New York Times, November 18, 2020, “Am I Too Easy On My Kid?”

Ms. Flake began contributing to The New Yorker in 2008. Visit her website here.


Video Of Interest: “Power Of Black Ink”

Yesterday’s panel (mentioned on the Spill on Friday) via the Charles Schulz Museum that included three New Yorker artists is now on YouTube (it’s about an hour and ten minutes).

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