The Wednesday Watch: Meet The Artist (1943): Whitney Darrow, Jr.; More Spills: Blitt, Chast, Viti, Weyant


Meet The Artist (1943): Whitney Darrow, Jr.

Another in a series of self portraits of New Yorker artists included in the Meet The Artist catalog published by the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum in 1943.

Mr. Darrow, Jr.’s entry on the Spill’s A-Z:

Whitney Darrow, Jr.  Born August 22, 1909, Princeton, New Jersey. Died August, 1999, Burlington, Vermont. New Yorker work: 1933 -1982. Quote (Darrow writing of himself in the third person): …in 1931 he moved to New York City, undecided between law school and doing cartoons as a profession. The fact that the [New Yorker’s] magazine offices were only a few blocks away decided him…” (Quote from catalogue, Meet the Artist, 1943)


Updates To The Trump Portrait Gallery”from Barry Blitt’s Kvetchbook.

…From the Culture Desk, “My Favorite Gahan Wilson Story” by Roz Chast.

…a Daily Shouts, “Historical figures Go Home For The Holidays” by Eugenia Viti (and Irving Ruan).


…Today’s Daily cartoonist & cartoon: Christopher Weyant on the weight of the holidays. Mr. Weyant has been contributing to The New Yorker since 1998. Visit his website here.

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