The Wednesday Tilley Watch: A New Tilley Take-off


Add another take-off on Rea Irvin’s classic Eustace Tilley* to the selected collection shown above. This latest one (shown below) made its debut today on the letterhead of the just announced New Yorker Union. According to a New York magazine story:

“…union supporters will show up to work wearing buttons designed by an affiliated cartoonist, showing the magazine’s monocle-wearing mascot, Eustace Tilley, with his fist raised in solidarity. There have been deep dives into the archives to find classic cartoons that can be retrofitted with new captions about workers’ rights, ready to circulate on social media.”

Below left: The latest Tilley take-off; below right: the button

The above mentioned “deep dives into the archives to find classic cartoons that can be retrofitted” has so far resulted in the posting of two Charles Barsotti drawings, and a Liam Walsh drawing.

Here’s Charles Barsotti’s classic from the issue of November 21, 1994.

And here it is, below, with the retrofitted caption:


*for the record, your honor, here’s Rea Irvin’s original Eustace Tilley, as he appeared on the New Yorker‘s very first issue:

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