The Spill’s Go-To Library

Almost nothing pleases me more than going on a fact-checking hunt. When a New Yorker cartoon and/or cartoonist question arises here (as it does almost daily), I turn to a number of sources, many of them an arm’s reach from this laptop (and some on the laptop), as well as the Spill‘s archives (containing all sorts of “stuff”). Also a source: what I’ve learned from the cartoonists themselves over the years in formal interviews and informal conversations. I rely on the books shown below to get the most well-rounded picture of what happened when at The New Yorker, art-wise, cartoon-wise, cartoonist-wise, and sometimes non-cartoons/cartoonist-wise.  Also of enormous help are the cartoon collections elsewhere in the Spill‘s headquarters.  I showed that wall some years back, and here it is again:

What you see below is a different bookcase. It holds the go-to biographies, memoirs, books of letters, etc., etc., ( E.B. White’s section also includes, oddly, a partial collection of his published work; the missing titles are in another spot). If you see a book with library markings (such as the Steinberg biography) don’t worry — those titles were library discards, I didn’t pinch them. You might notice and wonder about the very first book on the left in the first photo:Good Food For Bad Stomachs. It’s there because the New Yorker‘s founder and first editor, Harold Ross wrote the introduction, “Why This Book Was Written.”  I should add that a number of source books aren’t shown; they’re around here somewhere.

Enjoy browsing. 


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