The Realist Cartoon Anthology; The Tilley Watch

Back in June of 2015 Ink Spill noted: It’s going to be awhile before this appears in bookstores (April of 2016) but the wait will be worth it.  Here’s a description  from the publisher (Fantagraphics):Realist

The Realist was a legendary satirical periodical that ran from 1958 to 2001 and published some of the most incendiary cartoons that ever appeared in an American magazine. The Realist Cartoons collects, for the first time, the best, the wittiest, and the most provocative drawings that appeared in its pages, including work by R. Crumb, Art Spiegelman, S. Clay Wilson, Jay Lynch, Trina Robbins, Mort Gerberg, Jay Kinney, Richard Guindon, Nicole Hollander, Skip Williamson, and many others.

Zooming up to late August of 2016, it looks like the book, with a different cover, is set to appear November 1.  Read all about it here on the Fantagraphics site. :













Tilley Watch...…Seems like only twelve days ago we made note of  a cartoonist’s debut in the magazine. This week, there’s another: Emily Nemens. Ms. Nemens is either the tenth or eleventh new cartoonist added to The New Yorker‘s stable of cartoonists in the past eight months.

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