The New Yorker’s First July 4th Cover

IKThe New Yorker‘s first issue was dated February 21, 1925. When the magazine’s first opportunity for a July 4th cover arrived it was handled by  Ilonka Karasz, already a veteran New Yorker cover artist. She had also provided the April 4th, April 25th, and May 30th covers, just one cover short of tying Rea Irvin, who had provided 5 covers by July (including, of course, the magazine’s very first cover).

Ms. Karasz went on to contribute 183 more covers  following this incredible 4th of July 3D-like beauty   (her last cover appeared October 22, 1977).  There’s a good sized Wikipedia entry on her life & career.

To see more of her covers, visit The New Yorker‘s Cartoon Bank here.


  1. I am on the Cartoon Bank stunned by the gorgeous covers, one after another, by Ilonka Karasz. But the titles aren’t shown, and it would be great to know that. Aside from their beauty, these covers show our city as it was, alive and bright, a hundred years ago!

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