The New Yorker Cartoon Editor’s First Look Day

Yesterday was a starred day on many New Yorker cartoonist’s calendar — it was  Emma Allen’s first Look Day in her new position as the magazine’s cartoon editor.  Look Day is the day cartoonists have traditionally come into the magazine’s offices to sit with the editor and hand over their latest work.  In an email to contributors a few weeks ago, Ms. Allen suggested that Look Days with her “won’t really involve you handing over cartoons to be reviewed in person (although I’m happy to take a look if you’d like), but rather will be a chance for catching up and checking in…”

Admittedly, I’ve never done the Look Day thing (a habit begun in my earliest days going into the office, when I’d drop off my work with a receptionist at the end of a hallway, then make my escape via the nearby elevator).  Back then, the idea of sitting across from Lee Lorenz while he looked at my work was unimaginable (and scary). So unimaginable that not going in turned into a habit. I like the sound of Ms. Allen’s Look Day  — it’s imaginable.



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