The Monday Tilley Watch, The New Yorker Issue Of September 28, 2020

The Cover: It’s the Technology Issue, with a cover, by Pascal Campion, reflecting these strange times. When the cover first popped up on my screen I thought it was by Sempe: y’know, the large space, inhabited by a single person —  viewed from above.

The Cartoonists:

The Cartoons: Sixteen cartoonists, fifteen cartoons (Emily Flake has a “Comic Strip” on page 53). One of the drawings in the issue particularly stood out for me: Sam Gross‘s “Mr. Fix It” (it’s on page 24). There’s nothing quite like seeing a solid piece of work by a master of The New Yorker cartoon arts. Not flashy, not graphically complicated, well-drawn (of course!) work with a solid, funny, one-two punch.  Mr. Gross, who at 87 ( and in his 51st year at The New Yorker)  is the magazine’s second to eldest contributing cartoonist (George Booth is seven years his senior), and one of the magazine’s Hall Of Famers.

The Rea Irvin Talk Masthead Watch:


Above is the iconic design by Rea Irvin, moth-balled in the Spring of 2017 for a redrawn (!) version. Read about it here.



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