The Monday Tilley Watch, The New Yorker Issue Of October 5, 2020

The Cover: Bob Staake’s 24th New Yorker cover (early-released mid-week last) is a tribute to the late RBG. You can read an interesting Q&A with him here about coming up with the idea.  Visit Mr. Staake’s website.

The Cartoonists:

Eighteen cartoons, nineteen cartoonists (Barry Blitt, who wears many hats, among them cartoonist, has a Sketchbook on page 41). This week’s newbie: Ngozi Ukazu, who is the 18th addition to the magazine’s stable of cartoonists this year and the 71st added since Emma Allen became cartoon editor in the Spring of 2017.(Visit Ngozi Ukazu’s website here).

The Cartoons: A thrill to see the lead-off drawing by Edward Koren, our current longest contributing cartoonist (his first New Yorker cartoon appeared in the issue of May 26, 1962). Another veteran contributor, Mick Stevens, contributes a very very funny beached whale drawing (it’s on page 51) that works beautifully with this issue’s theme, Fall Books (Mr. Stevens has been contributing to the magazine since 1979 — visit his website here). Also catching my eye this week, a laugh out loud caption under Madeline Horwath‘s drawing (on page 69).  Finally, those who follow baseball will, I’m sure, be amused by David Sipress‘s analytics-centric drawing (it’s on page 47).

To see all of the above mentioned, and more, visit the magazine’s slideshow here(scroll down for it).


The Rea Irvin Talk Masthead Watch

Rea Irvin‘s iconic masthead (above), was replaced in the Spring of 2017 by a redraw (I’d say it ain’t so, but it is so). Read about it here

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