The Monday Tilley Watch, The New Yorker Issue Of October 12, 2020

The Cover: As mentioned here last week, the cover, by David Plunkert, was early-released. I wondered, briefly, if the magazine might pull the cover and try for something reflecting the snowballing news that developed as we approached the weekend (Trump at Walter Reed). I believe that Friday is the magazine’s deadline, so it would’ve been tight.

The Cartoonists:

The Cartoons: Thirteen cartoons, fourteen cartoonists (the fourteenth, Barry Blitt, has a Sketchbook, “But Wait, It Gets Worse”). Juan Astasio is this week’s new cartoonist (here’s an article of interest). He is the 19th addition to the magazine’s stable this year and the 72nd newbie brought in during the Emma Allen era (begun in May of 2017). Mr. Astasio’s drawing, shown below right, made me think of another bouncy castle drawing that appeared in the magazine back in August 20, 2018 issue.

The  lead off cartoon in this new issue, by P.C. Vey, deserves applause. Mr. Vey, who began contributing to The New Yorker in 1993, delivers a memorable Fall moment…

…Another veteran, Bruce Eric Kaplan (he began contributing in 1991)  gives us a dramatic poetic fun drawing (dramatic scene, poetic wording)…Karl Stevens drawing, a colorific treat (page 33) is an out-of-the-blue nod to Roy Lichtenstein. It’s not often we see a single panel so boldly employing the color wheel (Mr. Stevens began contributing in January of 2019) ...Liana Finck‘s drawing (page 38) is a favorite in this issue. Ms. Finck, in time-honored New Yorker cartoonist tradition, expertly uses the stuff that’s right there in front of us. She began contributing to the magazine in 2013.

You can see all of the above mentioned drawings and more here on The New Yorker‘s slide show.

The Rea Irvin Talk Masthead Watch:

I’d love to report that the above iconic Rea Irvin design has reappeared in the new issue, but alas it’s still collecting dust in a folder in the corner of someone’s desktop. Read about its removal and replacement here






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