The Monday Tilley Watch: The New Yorker Issue Of May 10, 2021

The Monday Tilley Watch Takes A Glancing Look At Some Of The Art & Artists Of The Latest Issue Of The New Yorker

The Rea Irvin Talk Masthead Watch

Ever since the tweakers-that-be at The New Yorker decided back in the Spring of 2017 to replace Rea Irvin’s above classic design with a redraw, I’ve included Mr. Irvin’s non-redrawn iconic masthead on every Monday Tilley Watch. Now four years into keeping my fingers crossed that the redraw would be 86ed, and the above would return, I think it’s time to stop beating his particular drum…at least online.  I will continue to hope for the above to return, but I’ll spare Spill visitors the weekly reminder that it hasn’t been. And so this will be the last Rea Irvin Masthead Watch. Should there be a change (hey, what about re-drawing the redraw!) I’ll note it here.

And now on to this new issue…

The Cover: Basketball? I’m not asking if it’s a basketball cover, I’m wondering why a basketball cover at this moment in time (I’m not a follower of the sport). Guessing the answer can be found here. 

The Cartoonists:

Eleven cartoons, eleven cartoonists. No newbies, no duo efforts (that we know of).

The Cartoons:

An overall feeling of pandemic-y related cartoons, if not exactly the case. These include cartoons by Julia Suits, Amy Hwang, Jeremy Nguyen, and, arguably, Brooke Bourgeois and Frank Cotham.  Non-pandemic cartoons include a couple of domestic scenarios (cats & anteaters are featured), plus a scary ice cream truck driver (from Sara Lautman), and an excellent outside-the-box drawing from Lars Kenseth (Snow White related content mixes with politics).





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