The Monday Tilley Watch, The New Yorker Issue Of August 24, 2020


The Cover: With this weird summer winding down, Barry Blitt’s opera singer cut-outs cover seems to fit right in. Read a Q&A with him here.

The Cartoonists:

Of note: Sarah Akinterinwa makes her New Yorker debut in the issue.  She is the 12th newbie of this year and the 65th cartoonist brought in under Emma Allen’s cartoon editorship (begun in May of 2017).

The Cartoons: some random thoughts about the issue’s cartoons…

…Thirteen cartoonists, thirteen cartoons…. New Yorker cartoonist connoisseurs will likely note that this is the first issue in ages without a Roz Chast cartoon. My armchair sense of her run is that it was unprecedented (someone correct me, please, if I’m off on this)* **…Lars Kenseth’s “How The West Was Won”-ish drawing caught my eye this week as did Suerynn Lee’s all grown up Harold, of Harold And The Purple Crayon renown, and Amy Hwang’s pre-owned shells drawing.

See all of the above, and more, here on the slide show.

*Jessica Esch, whose site, TNY Gender Tally, tells me that the last time an issue of The New Yorker ran without a Chast piece ( cartoon or cover) was April 6, 2020, a 19 week run (with three double issues out since April, the number of actual issues in a row was 16).

**Correction : Prompted by a Comment advising me that Ms. Chast did have art in the April 6, 2020 issue, I’ve gone through the entire year’s run of the magazine thus far. Until this new issue, dated August 24, 2020, the last issue not containing art by Roz Chast was March 2, 2020. That means the run lasted 21 actual issues, taking into consideration there were 3 double issues produced in that time.

The Rea Irvin Talk Masthead Watch:  Just patiently waiting to see how this whole Conde Nast 1 WTC will they or won’t they move thing works out.  In the meantime, below is the iconic Rea Irvin Talk masthead that was mothballed in May of 2017 and replaced by a redraw (heavens!). Read more here.







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