New Jersey’s New Yorkers…an Ink Spill Map

Here’s a look at Garden State born New Yorker contributors (including its current editor) as well as New Yorker contributors (all cartoonists) not Jersey born, but currently living there. Also included: New Yorker contributors who, though not native-born,  grew up there and/or lived there for a good while. If anyone out there has others I’ve missed (and I’m sure I have) please contact me. (click on the map to enlarge).


Vahan Shirvanian, lifelong New Jerseyian, dies at 87

Word has reached Ink Spill from Mike Lynch of the passing of Vahan Shirvanian, who contributed 44 drawings to The New Yorker (his first appearance in the magazine was in the issue of April 27, 1968; his work last appeared in the issue of January 12, 1988). According to The Newark Star Ledger, his first cartoon sale was to The Saturday Evening Post. He contributed to numerous publications, including Reader’s Digest, Playboy, and Good Housekeeping.

See three of his New Yorker drawings here.

And more of his work can be found here.