More Mankoff; Tom Bachtell Interview(s); Liana Finck in conversation with Liza Donnelly

images-1Here’re a few recent pieces on the New Yorker‘s current cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff, as he ranges far and wide in support of his new book, How About Never — Is Never Good For You?


From The Boston Globe, April 15, “Editor Bob Mankoff on the evolution of New Yorker cartoons”


From The Buffalo News, April 15, 2014, “How About Never — Is Never Good For You?”

From the BBC, April 10, 2014, this piece with video,   “New Yorker cartoons: Editor Bob Mankoff on what’s funny”





The New Yorker‘s Talk of Town section is illustrator Tom Bachtell’s playground, graphically speaking (Bachtell’s Philip Roth appears to the left).  Here’s a recent interview with him as well as a video from 2011:

From Frail Friend, April 2014,  “Big Interview — Tom Bachtell”

From, “Talking Pictures”

Link here to Tom Bachtell’s website.




finckdonnely_eventThis coming Friday, April 18, Liza Donnelly will be in conversation with Liana Finck at Brooklyn’s  Book Court. The event celebrates the release of Ms. Finck’s new book, A Bintel Brief. Here’s all the information.

Link to Liza Donnelly’s New Yorker work.

Link to Liana Finck’s New Yorker work.