Video: A Cartoonist at The New Yorker Festival; A look at a Gahan Wilson novel; Stiller’s “Walter Mitty” premiers in NYC (and the critics disagree)

Andy B




Now that The New Yorker Festival has entered the history books, we can point out a New Yorker cartoonist moment to watch. With the endearingly funny Andy Borowitz at the helm of “A New Yorker Night with The Moth”  Matthew Diffee makes an appearance, telling us about his journey to becoming a New Yorker cartoonist, and running into George Booth along the way. (Photo: Mr. Borowitz at the Festival)




Wilson's Duck



From Stephen Nadler’s site, Attempted Bloggery, October 10, 2013, “Gahan Wilson’s Favorite Duck” — a look at Mr. Wilson’s 1988 novel (with photographs).







And finally…


From The Huffington Post, October 5, 2013, “‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ Polarizes Critics After Debut”

— read all about it.

Benchley’s “Walter Mitty”; Hoff’s “Laugh It Off”

Benchley:This Isimages










From a 1944 CBS Radio Broadcast of a series, “This Is My Best” here’s an audio clip (not the full performance –just 19 minutes) of Robert Benchley performing James Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (Link courtesy of David Pomerantz)




Hoff:Laff It Off






From the blog,  Daily Ink , August 28, 2013, “Ask the Archivist: ‘Laugh It Off'” — this post on Syd Hoff.