Attempted Bloggery’s 5th Anniversary New Yorker Cartoonist Index

AB indexAttempted Bloggery, one of my favorite New Yorker cartoonist related places to go on the internet, is celebrating its 5th Anniversary with an impressive index of all subjects mentioned on the site.  To the left is a screen grab of just a tiny tiny portion of the Index.  Go to the site for the whole enchilada.

AB is the brainchild of Stephen Nadler, who single handedly runs the very entertaining not to mention exceedingly informative show.  Congratulations Stephen!

Attempted Bloggery Interviews Author of Peter Arno Biography


I couldn’t be more pleased that Attempted Bloggery has posted its first interview; the occasion  happily coincides with the publication of Peter Arno: The Mad Mad World of The New Yorker’s Greatest Cartoonist.


Read it here.





Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Q: …In 1925  Arno came to the New Yorker during the magazine’s rocky first year. How did a 21-year-old come to establish himself at the young magazine? He had talent, to be sure. Did he also have connections?
A: He had zero connections at The New Yorker.  He brought his work in, unsolicited, like so many have done since. If we want to let our legs go wobbly for a moment, consider that Arno’s first visit to the New Yorker was going to be, in his own words, his “last try” at selling his art.  Had the New Yorker not taken his work (one from that very submission), he would’ve headed fully into his other passion: music.