Gallery New World Stages Exhibit includes work by Eckstein, Galindo, Hwang, Forsch & Wheeler


From, September 5, 2012, “Gallery New World Stages Opens First Contact: UFOs, Aliens and Broadway.  Among the exhibitors are Bob Eckstein, Felipe Galindo, Evan Forsch, Amy Hwang and Shannon Wheeler.

Exhibitors: Amy Hwang, Bernard Stote, Bob Eckstein (author of The History of the Snowman), Brett Marek, Chainsaw Chuck Majewski (Rat Fink), Dave Coverly (Speed Bump), Eric Rosner, Evan Forsch, Felipe Galindo (author of No Man Is a Desert Island), Francesco Orazzini, Fredda Tone, Gerard Conte, Guy Kettelhack, Hilary Price (Rhymes With Orange), Kenneth Kudulis (kudu-lah critters), Maria Scrivan, Mark Griffin, Rick Stromoski (Soup to Nutz), Shannon Wheeler (author of Too Much Coffee Man), Susan Camilleri Konar, Thomas Baehr and more….

New Yorker Cartoonists Exhibit Way Out West


 This promises to be an interesting exhibit (see the poster for all the pertinent information). According to the show’s promotional material: “Rejected works handpicked by each artist will be shown alongside originals that ran in the magazine.”  Keeping my fingers crossed that this exhibit makes its way east.

The poster above features a Bob Eckstein drawing.  Also circulating online are at least four other posters, two with drawings by Carolita Johnson, and solos by Emily Flake and Shannon Wheeler.  Collect them all!:







Brief Q & A with Bob Mankoff; Working for The Man @ MoCCA; More Blown Covers

From Creative Week New York, “Creative Week Session Spotlight: A Session with Bob Mankoff of The New Yorker”

Link  here for more info on Mr. Mankoff’s appearance.


From The Beat, May 1, 2012, “Working for The Man: MoCCa 2012” ( with Shannon Wheeler and Liza Donnelly content).


From NPR’s All Things Considered, May 1, 2012, audio: “‘Blown Covers’: Not Ready For the Newstand”