Swann’s Ad with Addams “Z” Subway Car; Cartoon Companion Rates the Latest New Yorker Cartoons; Book of Interest: Shannon Wheeler’s “Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump”





















Was pleased and surprised to come across this full page Swann ad in today’s New York Times (the special “F” section devoted to Museums).  The Addams drawing, included in an upcoming auction, originally appeared in The New Yorker October 1, 1979. That issue, to me, is memorable. For starters the cover, by R.O. Blechman,  is one of my all-time favorite New Yorker covers.


























The roster of cartoonists in the issue included some heavy hitters from the magazine’s golden age, including George Price (whose drawing in the issue is three-quarters of a page), William Steig, Addams of course, and James Stevenson (represented by a full page drawing).  Also in the issue are some of James Geraghty’s best additions from his later years manning the art editor’s desk: Lee Lorenz, Warren Miller, Edward Koren, Robert Weber, and J.B. Handelsman.  And there are a number of the new kids brought in by Geraghty’s successor, Lee Lorenz: Arnie Levin, Jack Ziegler, Bob Mankoff, Roz Chast and yours truly (another reason the issue was memorable for me: it contained my first sequential drawing).

Looking through the issue at the cartoons one can’t help but notice how the  cartoons sit in a wide variety of space. Price’s three-quarters page, Stevenson’s beautiful full page, my own multi-panel spread bleeding onto a second page, Ziegler’s drawing (the first of two Zieglers in the issue) in an upright rectangle surrounded on three sides by text; Mankoff’s drawing and Arnie Levin’s as well as Addams’s allowed to spread across the width of the page. Weber’s gorgeous drawing run large, and  set so perfectly on the page. What’s even more remarkable about this issue is that it wasn’t unusual — this is what was normal in that time.


Here’s what the Addams drawing looked like in that issue:



















The only blog offering a critical take on each week’s New Yorker cartoons returns with a look at  cavemen pondering their wardrobe, a drafty Hades, a King’s best friend, King Kong’s mom & pop, and 8 more.   Read it here.


Coming from Top Shelf Productions this summer, Shannon Wheeler’s Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump.

From the publisher:

Acclaimed cartoonist Shannon Wheeler (The New Yorker, God Is Disappointed in You, Too Much Coffee Man) transforms Donald Trump’s most revealing tweets into razor-sharp cartoons, offering a subversive and illuminating insight into the mind of the most divisive political figure of our time. Whether you love him or hate him, this take on Trump will help you come to grips with the man and his ideas thanks to Wheeler’s signature mix of slapstick and sophistication.

Details here.

American Bystander #3 Ready to Go; Liam Walsh’s 7 Things

























Here’s Drew Friedman’s cover for American Bystander #3.  If you saw the first two issues, you know what fun awaits you.  If you haven’t seen those issues, well now’s the time to catch up. Go here to Mr. Friedman’s site to see more on the cover, a short video about issue #3 and #4,  and a link to the Bystander‘s  Kickstarter campaign. A few of the cartoonists appearing in issue #3: M.K. Brown, Gahan Wilson and George Booth.


And looking ahead to issue #4, it will feature an R.O. Blechman cover and drawings by, among others,  Charles Barsotti, P.S. Mueller, and Liza Donnelly.


51eebe163e412.preview-620From Writer’s Digest, September 23, 2016, “7 things I’ve Learned So Far” Liam Walsh shares.

Link to Mr. Walsh’s website.

R.O. Blechman Podcast: “A Lot of Artists Are Insecure.”

R.O. AmHere’s an interesting and long (close to an hour) podcast featuring the great R.O. Blechman, recorded at the most recent MoCCA [Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art] Festival.  The conversation covers a wide range of Mr. Blechman’s pursuits, including filmmaking, advertising, cartoons, New Yorker covers, and illustration. Here’s a snippet of Blechman talking about advertising:

What I didn’t like about advertising: Hey, I’m for sale. I hated that.”


(Left: Mr. Blechman’s latest book and below: a recent collection)

R.O. Talking
























(r-o-blechman-the-new-yorker-cover-october-1-1979_i-G-61-6120-KBMF100ZLeft: Blechman’s October 1, 1979 New Yorker cover; in my opinion, one of the magazine’s greatest covers. Below: his must-read 1980 book, Behind the Lines)


R.O. Behind t Lines

An Ann Tenna Event; More Spills with Chast, Blechman & Others











Check out this upcoming event (Wednesday, October 21st) for Ann TennaMarisa Acocella Marchetto‘s  New York Times Bestseller.

Link to Ms. Marchetto’s New Yorker work.

Link to her website here.


More Spills Icon Edited






…A possible record number (4) of new cartoonists debuted in the October 19th issue of The New Yorker (they are: Andrew Hamm, Dan Abromowitz, Eli Dreyfus, and Brian McLachlan)

…and in the same issue, the great R.O. Blechman provides the Spot drawings (link here to his website)

…Roz Chast will be in Michigan next week

David Sipress will be moderating in D.C