Latest New Yorker Cartoons Graded; Bruce Kaplan’s Cover; R.C. Harvey on Michelle Urry

The Cartoon Companion has returned with its customary grading system  (1- 6).  The issue includes drawings of gravestones, a priest, a sheepdog and William Shakespeare — not necessarily in that order.


Applause applause for the Bruce Eric Kaplan cover on this week’s issue. From this moment on Ink Spill will make special mention of covers by its regularly contributing cartoonists (a rarity in the post-Robert Gottlieb years).

Catching up on recent appearances: the last cover by one of the magazine’s stable of cartoonists was by Harry Bliss in April.

And before that, this one by Danny Shanahan in March of last year:





Over at The Comics Journal, R.C. Harvey has a wonderful article on the late Michelle Urry, who was Playboy‘s Cartoon Editor for many years.  Read it here!


Liza Donnelly to Live Tweet Draw Tony Awards; More About Playboy’s Cartoons…And Lack Of

LD Tony's







Hot on the heels of Liza Donnelly‘s historic appearance live Tweet-drawing at this years Oscars Awards (she was the first cartoonist ever invited to draw at that event) Ms. Donnelly has announced on Twitter that she will be live Tweet-drawing at the Tony Awards (held this year at the Beacon Theater).




R.C. Harvey has returned with another piece about Playboy‘s abandonment of cartoons. Interesting reading right here.

Two Cartoon Paths Diverge in the Publishing Woods

Here are two articles on the two major publications most identified with cartoons in this country. Sadly one of them, Playboy, has recently decided to discontinue its use of cartoons, while The New Yorker is finding ways to explore the use of cartoons in other ways beyond print.


NYer presents

From The Columbia Review, March 9, 2016, “Using video, The New Yorker abandons its mystique in hopes of attracting a larger audience”






From Fast Co-Create, March 7, 2016,  “The Playboy Revamp Continues: How the Magazine is Redrawing Its Cartoon Lines,Too”

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