A Noth on Boehner’s Desk


From Buzzfeed, February 4, 2013, “The Ten Most Interesting Things on John Boehner’s Desk”   — A drawing, “The kid’s good” by Paul Noth that appeared in the March 21, 2011 issue of The New Yorker is on the Speaker’s desk. (my thanks to Liam Walsh for the link).

Ink Spill asked Paul Noth if he’d care to comment and here’s what he had to say:

“I’m happy when my cartoons show up on people’s refrigerators, so the Speaker’s desk is pretty great.”

Below is the published drawing:


Video: Paul Noth; Eli Stein celebrates Al Ross’s 100th; New Book: a Wolcott Gibbs anthology

From a blog by Peter McGraw, October 26, 2011, “Will these cartoons be funny in other countries?” – this post, including a short video of an interview with Paul Noth


From Eli Stein’s website, “We All Have to Start Somewhere Dept. Case in Point #16,” this post featuring work by Al Ross


From Salon, October 21, 2001, “The New Yorker writer that time forgot,” this review of a Wolcott Gibbs anthology, Backward Ran Sentences

[ in the earliest days of The New Yorker, Gibbs, as Katharine White’s assistant, was  given the sometimes unenviable task of hand holder, which meant talking to the artists, sending them notes, handing them rejections, etc..

Charles Addams fans might remember that Addams illustrated several book jackets for Gibbs, including Season in the Sun (Random House, 1951) and More in Sorrow (Holt, 1958) ]