The Weekend Spill: Henry Martin’s New Yorker Spot Drawings; The Tilley Watch Online, The Week Of December 30, 2019 – January 3, 2020

                                       Henry Martin’s New Yorker Spot Drawings From Princeton University’s Firestone Library Special Collections, “Henry Martin’s Spots” — this piece on Mr. Martin’s considerable Spot Drawing contribution to The New Yorker during his thirty-five year run at magazine. Here’s a fun photo from the article: Henry Martin’s entry on the Spill‘s A-Z: Henry Martin (Photo: 1984). Born 1925, Louisville, Kentucky.

Read more Upgrades Its Digital Magazine Upgrades Its Digital Magazine Not too many days ago — a week? two weeks? — I opened up The New Yorker‘s digital edition to find a number of things (features) had changed. The initial page has new icon features (if that’s what they’re called) on the upper right. By clicking on the three horizontal bars to the far right

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From’s Culture Desk: Liza Donnelly On The Art Of Barbara Shermund

From, February 17, 2019, “The Lovely Nineteen-Twenties Flapper Cartoons Of Barbara Shermund” — Liza Donnelly writes about one of her favorite New Yorker cartoonists, the late great, Barbara Shermund. Ms. Shermund’s entry on the Spill’s A-Z Barbara Shermund : Born, San Francisco. 1899. Studied at The California School of Fine Arts. Died, 1978, New Jersey. New Yorker work: June

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The Tilley Watch Online: March 26- 31, 2018

A nearly Trump-less week on the Daily.  The subjects and the cartoonists were as follows: Gun Control(?)…Brendan Loper; Gun Control…JAK; Trump…Mr. Loper; Baseball…Mort Gerberg; Facebook… Paul Noth. And over on Daily Shouts, the contributing New Yorker cartoonists were Olivia de Recat, and P.C. Vey. All of these (and more) can be seen here on

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