Liza Donnelly draws at Forum d’Avignon; Music Video: New Yorker staffers (and two cartoonists); Dick Tracy and The Daily News


Liza Donnelly heads to France this week, where she’ll join three other cartoonists at the Forum d’Avignon. (illustration above from the Forum’s program)



Video: from, November 13, 2012,  “Beck’s New Song ‘Old Shanghai,’ Played by New Yorker Staffers” (with Farley Katz and Marc Phillipe Eskenazi).





Every once in awhile, Ink Spill links to something within the cartoon world  not tied to The New Yorker and its cartoonists.  I realize I’m probably very late to the party in noticing this, but not too long ago I ran into a link to the NY Daily News Featured Comics. What I found was Chester Gould’s “Dick Tracy” — written by Mike Curtis and drawn by Joe Staton, updated and carrying on.

Note: there is at least one New Yorker/Dick Tracy connection: Art Spiegelman’s Dick Tilley cover which appeared on the magazine’s 72nd anniversary (a combined issue, February 24 & March 3, 1997).