Rarely Seen Arno Inspired Play, “The New Yorkers” Coming to City Center in 2017; A New Case For Pencils Post

In what is surely the surprise of the day (for me), next year City Center will put on a limited run of the 1930 play The New Yorkers.  The play, with music by Cole Porter as well as Jimmy Durante, was based on “a seed of an idea” [NYTs] by …Peter Arno. 

Below: sheet music cover art by Arno. Details on the revival here

(You can find much more on the play in my biography of Arno in the chapter “Up Broadway…and Down” )












Jake Goldwasser, one of the half-score of brand new cartoonists debuting in the New Yorker (so far) this year, is the subject of Jane Mattimoe’s latest blog post on A Case For Pencils. See it here!


Paul Noth & Drew Dernavitch Draw in Princeton; Marisa Acocella Marchetto Pencilled; A John Stanley Tribute; Pt.3 of Attempted Bloggery’s Arnoathon; What’s So Funny About New Yorker Cartoons, Computers & Understanding?

Paul & DrewPaul Noth and Drew Dernavitch will be drawing at Princeton on April 21st.  All the details here.  [photo: Paul Noth on the left, Mr. Dernavitch on the right]

Paul Noth’s website.

Drew Dernavitch’s website.



Jane Mattimoe’s blog,  A Case For Pencils  continues with its impressive series of New Yorker cartoonists talking about their tools of the trade.  This week it’s Marisa Acocella Marchetto.

Ms. Marchetto’s website (and her latest book below)




Ann Tenna




John Stanley photo

One Club icon

From Comics Alliance, “Putting the ‘Comic’ in ‘Comic Book’: A Tribute to John Stanley” by Benito Ceren.  Mr. Stanley is a member of  Ink Spill‘s “One Club” (One Club membership is limited to cartoonists who had but one drawing in The New Yorker during their career). Mr. Stanley’s cartoon  — an eight panel captionless drawing — appeared in The New Yorker March 15, 1947.

Stanley bibliography







John Stanley in the 1940s: A Comics Bibliography by Frank M. Young


Arno, CHumor pt. 3Attempted Bloggery continues its look at Peter Arno‘s work in College Humor.  Today’s post: the July 1937 issue.





David laughing

From CNET.com,March 23, 2016,   “How New Yorker Cartoons Could Teach Computers to Be Funny”

[screen grab of The New Yorker‘s Editor, David Remnick laughing at a cartoon]