A blast from the past: Meet the Artist


In 1943,  San Francisco’s M.H. De Young Memorial Museum held an exhibit of artist’s self portraits called “Meet the Artist.”  The catalog, 8 1/2″ x 7 3/4″ is a gem.  Of the 188 artists represented, a number are New Yorker contributors: James Thurber, Saul Steinberg, Otto Soglow, Mischa Richter, Richard Taylor, Alajalov, Whitney Darrow, Jr., Richard Decker, Roberta MacDonald, Barbara Shermund, Reginald Marsh, Dorothy McKay, Garrett Price,  Gluyas Williams, and Rea Irvin.  Self portraits shown above, top to bottom: Garrett Price’s self portrait on the catalog’s cover, Richard Taylor and Mischa Richter.

Note: this catalog can be found online; numerous copies at varying prices are available on AbeBooks.com.

Video snippet: James Thurber on The Seal in the Bedroom

Continuing on from yesterday’s post on Bob Mankoff’s piece about Thurber, Mankoff links to a video snippet of Thurber’s appearance with Alastair Cooke on OmnibusWatch here as Thurber talks about one of his most famous drawings, The Seal in the Bedroom.


Previous to the July 26, 2011 DVD release, Omnibus: American Profiles only a fragment of Thurber’s Omnibus interview has been available (as part of Adam Van Doren’s 2000 documentary, Thurber: The Life and Hard Times).  Exciting times for Thurbermaniacs!

Mankoff on Thurber’s Swoop; Shannon Wheeler’s Cartoon-A-Day; Interview: Drew Dernavich; Profile: Ronald Searle


From the Desk of Bob Mankoff (newyorker.com): “James Thurber’s Giant Swoop” this piece on James Thurber’s influence on modern cartoonists.


Shannon Wheeler has begun posting a cartoon-a-day on his site. Today is day two.


From The Passenger Diaries, June 15, 2011, “Drawing Inspiration: Talking with New Yorker Cartoonist Drew Dernavich


From Thinking About Art, June 14, 2011, this profile:  Ronald Searle — Artist, Satirist, Cartoonist”