The American Bystander #2; Arno in College Humor Continued

























The American Bystander #2 is close to publication (a provisional cover by the late great Charles Barsotti appears on the AB site).

For more on The American Bystander  read this (mentions Jack Ziegler, Liza Donnelly, Roz Chast among others).



And over at one of Ink Spill‘s favorite New Yorker cartoonist-related sites,

Attempted Bloggery continues its week-long look at Peter Arno‘s work in College Humor

AB #3


A Lee Lorenz Two-fer Cover; More Spills with Liza Donnelly, Jack Ziegler & Mike Twohy



























Here’s a twenty-eight year old cover from the great Lee Lorenz that manages to celebrate both Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day.



More Spills Icon Edited




…Liza Donnelly will be Live-Drawing the Grammys tonight. Follow the fun on Twitter: @lizadonnelly

Link here to see Ms. Donnelly’s New Yorker work on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.





tny-radio-logo…In this segment from The New Yorker Radio Hour, the one-and-only  Jack Ziegler discusses a work in progress.





TwohyNew Yorker contributor Mike Twohy’s kids book comes out tomorrow.  Oops, Pounce, Quick, Run! An Alphabet Caper is published by Balzer + Bray

From the publisher:

In the vein of Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, and other classic cartoons, Oops, Pounce, Quick, Run! is a hilariously clever alphabet caper, perfect for fans of LMNO Peas and Z Is for Moose.


New Yorker’s Special True Crime Reader of Writing & Cartoons



























Just out, The New Yorker Reader: True Crime,  an anthology of writing and cartoons with these 36 cartoonists represented:

Charles Addams, Peter Arno, Charles Barsotti, Harry Bliss, David Borchart, Michael Crawford, Leo Cullum, Drew Dernavich, Matthew Diffee, Emily Flake, Alex Gregory, William Haefeli, William Hamilton, Marshall Hopkins, Bruce Eric Kaplan, Farley Katz, Edward Koren, Arnie Levin, Lee Lorenz, Bob Mankoff, Michael Maslin, Ariel Molvig, Paul Noth, John O’Brien, Mischa Richter, Bernard Schoenbaum, Danny Shanahan, Edward Steed, Peter Steiner, James Stevenson,  Mike Twohy, P.C. Vey, Kim Warp, Christopher Weyant, Gahan Wilson, Jack Ziegler