Tribeca Film Festival to show Every Tuesday; Gahan Wilson teaches; Slightly more on The New Yorker Big Book of Dogs

From, April 16, 2012, “Tribeca Film Festival: New Yorker cartoonists in ‘Every Tuesday'”

(with a brief clip of the film showing Zach Kanin at work)


From Gear Live, April 14, 2012, “Gahan Wilson Teaches”


From Library Journal, April 16, 2012, this trickle of information about the forthcoming New Yorker Big Book of Dogs (Random house, Fall 2012)


Liza Donnelly curates exhibit; Chast speaks in Princeton; Gahan Wilson signs in NYC; Mankoff and Cartoon Violence

From Liza Donnelly’s blog, When Do They Serve The Wine, September 29, 2011, “International Cartoon and Humor Festival in France, 2011” (with slide show)


From Princeton Patch, September 30, 2011, “New Yorker Cartoonist Roz Chast to Speak at Library Benefit”

From Convention Scene, September 30, 2011, this post noting a signing by Gahan Wilson: NYC-Nuts Signing


From The Gothamist, September 29, 2011, “The New Yorker Admits To Troubling/Amusing Spike In Cartoon Body Count” — ( with a link to Bob Mankoff’s blog post on