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img-20170105-132631_3_orig-300x300From The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, “Exclusive Interview: Francoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman Resist!” Resist will be  distributed, free of charge,  on the day of the Women’s March on Washington in these cities:  Washington, D.C., New York City, Des Moines,, Portland, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  It includes work by comic artists from abroad and the United States, including a number of New Yorker artists.



From dnainfo, January, 13, 2017: “Artists Respond to Election in Hairpin Arts Center’s Newest Series”New Yorker artist Tom Bachtell‘s work appears (among others) in this Chicago exhibit.


Vassar James Palmer GalleryComing soon to Vassar College’s James Palmer Gallery, “The World After January 20, 2017: Works By Contemporary Artists and Poets, February 2-16, 2017” — the exhibit features work by a number of artists (several New Yorker cartoonists are represented, including Liza Donnelly, and Peter Steiner)

Mashable: “The New Yorker’s Snapchat is Mesmerizing”; Eisner Award Winners

NYer SnapHere’s a fun read for a hot Saturday: a look at how The New Yorker uses Snapchat.  The magazine’s Art Editor, Francoise Mouly is featured along with the Cartoon editor’s assistant, Colin Stokes.


Here’s a list of the Eisner Award winners announced at Comic-Con.  Of note are several New Yorker contributors, including Adrian Tomine (for Best Short Story — “Killing and Dying”)  and Peter Kuper, whose Ruins won in the category of Best Graphic Album — New.  Congrats to all!


Events Leading Up to a Shanahan New Yorker Cover

Hindsight can be as entertaining as foresight.  If you’re someone who writes things down, or draws things down, there’s a paper trail to peruse and ponder.

Luckily for us, Danny Shanahan writes and draws things down so we are able to see, in quick succession, how his latest New Yorker cover evolved.

When it comes to coming up with ideas for cartoons, there are at least three schools:

1.Write ideas down first, work on the drawing second.

2.Draw something first and figure out the writing second.

3.The Chicken or the Egg  School: a mix of the first two schools.

Danny is of the school of write ideas down first, then work on the drawing second. He has generously made available to Ink Spill a page from his pad of ideas — his “ideas of the week” —  showing the Palm tree/High Water Cover idea written right at the top. Danny told me, “You can see that I put a dot next to the ideas I particularly like, and a line through those that I’ve drawn up.” In this case his idea was immediately designated as a cover idea — it didn’t require a written caption.


Cover Sketch_0001




















When he got around to drawing up the palm tree/high water cover it looked like this:


Palm tree sketch





From there, he went to the version below. This is what he submitted to Francoise Mouly,  The New Yorker‘s Art Editor.

Cover Rough 2






Once Ms. Mouly brought the rough to The New Yorker‘s Editor, David Remnick, and he OKed it (i.e., bought it), Ms. Mouley  gave Danny the green light to go to finish, and voila! Danny’s 11th New Yorker cover (Danny has sold two others. One was “killed” and the other ran inside the magazine as an Artist’s Sketchbook) :



Danny's Mar 2016 cover







Fave New Yorker Holiday Party Pix

It happened last night: The New Yorker’s first Holiday Party way downtown near its new offices in The World Trade Center.  The venue was dark (see photos), small, and filled with throbbing music. The joint was packed (yes, like sardines) with happy folk. Saw Calvin Trillin  anchored near the entrance, while the magazine’s editor, David Remnick shouldered through the crowd, stopping to chat here and there. I believe that Mark Singer (or someone who looked like him) and I passed like ships in the night. Also spotted: 2014’s winner of The Thurber Prize, John Kenney, and the magazine’s art editor, Francoise Mouly.

A number of cartoonists were present. Top photo: a blurry Felipe Galindo (whose exhibit “New York Stories” just opened at The Mark Miller Gallery), and David Borchart. 2nd photo: Ben Schwartz and Joe Dator.  3rd: Andy Friedman (sometimes aka Larry Hat) and Liana Finck.  4th: Amy Hwang, Liza Donnelly, P.C. Vey and Charlie Hankin. 5th: Drew Dernavich in the middle of the crowd. 6th: Danny Shanahan and Robert Leighton. Felipe and David[all photos courtesy of Liza Donnelly]


Ben and JoeAndy and LianaAmy, Liza, Peter and LizaDrewDanny and Robert 2





























Other cartoonists present who escaped the camera: Barbara Smaller, Jason Adam Katzenstein, Bob Mankoff(The New Yorker‘s cartoon editor, and New York Times bestselling author for his memoir, How About Never — Is Never Good For You?), the one and only Sam Gross, David Sipress, Mort Gerberg, Corey Pandolph, and Marisa Acocella Marchetto (whose graphic novel, Ann Tenna hit The New York Times Bestseller list this year).