The Weekend Spill: Attempted Bloggery On Groucho’s Hokinson Festival; Congrats To Amy Hwang; Zoom Updates: Links To Eckstein & Company At Milford Readers & Writers Fest, And David Sipress And Emily Flake At Spencertown Academy Arts Center Event; Gauld’s Modern Fairy Tale; The Tilley Watch Online, September 7-11, 2020

___________________________________________________________________________ Attempted Bloggery On Groucho’s Hokinson Festival Here’s a fun post from Stephen Nadler’s Attempted Bloggery on Groucho Marx’s copy of The Hokinson Festival spotted in a photo. The Festival, published seven years after Ms. Hokinson’s  death, is a great addition to any cartoon library. A bonus: it includes color plates of a few of her sixty-eight New Yorker covers.

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