Exhibit: Danny Shanahan, Michael Crawford, Carolita Johnson, Liza Donnelly & Michael Maslin























An exhibit of work by five New Yorker cartoonists opens Saturday, August 24th in the Rhinebeck (New York) Atwater Gallery.  Published and unpublished work by Danny Shanahan, Michael Crawford, Carolita Johnson, Liza Donnelly and Michael Maslin will be shown.


Note:  you can see some — but not all — of the above cartoonists’ work by going to The New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank site and entering the cartoonist’s name in the “Search” box on the upper right site of the page.

Three New Yorker Cartoonists Show Their Work, Two Speak
















From The Daily Freeman (Kingston, NY), “New Yorker Magazine Exhibit at Rhinecliff Library”


some wine with your vest

An exhibit of around 60 cartoons (published & unpublished) by Danny Shanahan, Liza Donnelly and myself


A slide show and Q&A with Shanahan and yours truly begins July 20th at 6. (above: a Shanahan New Yorker cover , and to the left, a Donnelly New Yorker cartoon)







Danny Shanahan’s website.

Liza Donnelly’s website




Birthday of Interest: Bob Dylan…a look at New Yorker Cartoons mentioning the Bard


In honor of his 72nd birthday, here are links to four New Yorker cartoons mentioning Bob Dylan (if you have access to the magazine’s archive, seek out Nat Hentoff’s great Profile of Dylan in the October 24, 1964 issue)

Mick Stevens’ drawing, (above) published December 10, 2007

Michael Shaw’s drawing, published October 25, 2010

John S. P. Walker’s drawing,  published June 24, 1991

Danny Shanahan’s drawing,  published March 9, 1998


Go See Danny Shanahan’s Website


We let you know sometime back that Danny Shanahan had a website in the works, and now you can see it in its finished state here. Among the fun stuff on the site are some of Danny’s rejected work, and a category “Raw Nerve” that just might hit a…well, you know.

The Next Daily Cartoonist is…

Danny Shanahan’s Facebook page (Danny Shanahan — New Yorker Cartoonist) mentions that his successor in the Daily Cartoon slot is Chris Weyant.  Danny was the Daily Cartoonist for the past two months.


A slideshow of Danny’s Daily Cartoon work can be seen by clicking on the Daily Cartoon link above (where you can also view The Daily Cartoon work of David Sipress, Danny’s predecessor.


Chris’s editorial cartoons can be seen on The Hill, where his  Weyant’s World is a regular feature.