Marisa Acocella Marchetto’s “Ann Tenna” Book Party

An assortment of photos taken tonight at Da Silvano in Greenwich Village, where Marisa Acocella Marchetto celebrated the publication of her new book, Ann Tenna. Among the New Yorker cartoonists attending were S. Harris, Sam Gross, Mort Gerberg, Charlie Hankin, Bob Eckstein and Liza Donnelly  (photos courtesy of Liza Donnelly)

IMG_5020The scene outside Da Silvano.











The author’s shoes









A promotional sweet

a sweet















Below: Ms. Marchetto & New Yorker Editorial Assistant and contributor, Colin Stokes; Erica Jong & Liza Donnelly; Bob Eckstein; a live Ann Tenna; Charlie Hankin & friend

Marisa & ColinL & EJEcksteinlive AT CHankin

Fave New Yorker Cartoonists Photos of the Day

Holiday 12:15:14














Two photos, taken December 15, 2014 in lower Manhattan.

Above, left to right: Felipe Galindo (Feggo), P.C. Vey, David Borchart, Sam Gross, Colin Stokes (writer & assistant to the New Yorker’s cartoon editor), Liza Donnelly and Joe Dator (who is currently the magazine’s Daily Cartoonist).

Below: Liza Donnelly, Liana Finck, and Barbara Smaller


D, F, & Smaller 12:15:14







(photos courtesy of Liza Donnelly)

Tomine, Burns, Spiegelman in Brooklyn; The Cartoon Lounge Episode #3

cabBeginning tomorrow, November 8th and running through November 9th, with guests including Art Spiegelman, Adrian Tomine, and Charles Burns.  All the info here on their website.





Filmed deep within the center of The New Yorker’s Cartoon Universe, episode 3 of The Cartoon Lounge, featuring a special appearance by the fellow who reads every single cartoon caption entry.