Mick Stevens has an ebook; Peter Steiner’s new book due in August; Victoria Roberts novel out in November


From Market Watch, July 17, 2012, “Featured Cartoonist with The New Yorker Publishes with Lulu.com” — this post on Mick Stevens new ebook, I Really Should Be Drawing / The Blook



And…the latest in Peter Steiner’s Louis Morgon series, The Resistance: A Thriller, is due out from Macmillan, August 21st.



AlsoVictoria Roberts has a novel, After the Fall,  coming out in November.

Otto Soglow’s Little King, glassed in


From time to time, interesting objets d’cartoon are brought to my attention.  An Ink Spill visitor recently passed along these photos of four glasses bearing Otto Soglow’s famous Little King.  Anyone interested in purchasing them may contact Darcey Bournay at bournay@gmail.com


note: Ink Spill is providing these images and contact information as a service to the site’s visitors and in no way benefits from the sale of the above product