Krementz photographs of Addams, Steinberg, Brendan Gill, S.J. Perelman, Renata Adler, Donald Barthelme & more



I stumbled across this piece today: “Jill Krementz Covers Saul Steinberg” — it’s chock full of photographs by Krementz of Steinberg including shots of him with Charles Addams, Donald Barthelme, and Woody Allen (there’s also a photo of Charles Addams with Jackie Kennedy Onassis).  Other New Yorker contributors pictured include Brendan Gill (wearing a funny straw hat), Ian Frazier, Renata Adler, and S.J. Perelman.  Enjoy!

Photograph of Roland Baum Added to the A-Z

Roland Baum






Ink Spill recently acquired this wonderful photograph of Roland Baum from a member of the Baum family. Mr. Baum contributed four drawings to The New Yorker: July 13, 1929, August 30, 1930, October 18, 1930 & June 25, 1932. He  was born in 1905 and died in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1972. If anyone out there has more information about Mr. Baum, please contact me.

Below is Baum’s New Yorker drawing from the issue of July 13, 1929