Aaron Bacall: 1939 – 2015

bacallWord has reached Ink Spill that the cartoonist Aaron Bacall has died at the age of 76.  His obit here. According to The New Yorker‘s database, Mr Bacall’s work made one appearance in The New Yorker (the issue of October 20, 1997) The drawing appears to the left.


Below is Mr. Bacall’s self portrait he provided to Ink Spill a few years back.






Cartoonists Exhibit Work North & West of New York City

KorenThe 50 year (and counting!) career of the great Edward Koren is being celebrated at the Saginaw Art Museum.  All the info here.

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During the heart of the summer, Carolita Johnson and Michael Crawford will exhibit their work in Kingston, NY. All the info here.





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In an Arno Mood

France Arno Ten Cents Honestly, I’ve been in a Peter Arno mood for a very long time. It was just about sixteen years ago that I decided to write the biography of The New Yorker‘s greatest artist.  One of the bonuses of digging deep was coming across little known (to me) books or pamphlets that bore Arno’s cover art  and/or illustrations.

One of his earliest post-college outside-of-The New Yorker illustration jobs was for H. McCarty Lee’s France on Ten Words A Day,   published in 1928 by Simon & Schuster (S&S  published Arno’s first book, Whoops Dearie! the year before).

There’s an Arno on the front cover (as shown here) and on the back cover, and ten illustrations throughout the book (how I wish there were more). Below is just one example (caption translation: “Road hog!”):



Cochon, va!







Arno’s biography, Mad At Something, will be published in the Spring of 2016